Rare trio of life size posters from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly offered this weekend


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Talk about forward-thinking design. These posters could be used to promote the film today and many (including myself) would think they came from some zeitgeisty design firm. Wow. Thanks for sharing, David!


I’ll be honest, all these years I was never sure which of those adjectives was supposed to describe which character.


Translation errors have always made it a little confusing.


No Amazon sponsor link? You’re slipping, guys.


This Sergio Leone hack is going nowhere if all he does is rip off Tarantino!


$22,000 currently.

I guess my office walls will continue to remain bare.


There’s also a comic book and comic art auction…

Who wants to be my sugar daddy/momma?


Mine too. I just deposited my inheritance from my late father which would just about cover the cost of what these are expected to go for, but I could then expect a similar reaction to selling the family cow for a handful of beans.

Plus, at 9’2" tall, my office walls are a bit short. Still, I covet these hard.


Good grief, how did nobody catch that?

Me too. Especially in linen! I’d be happy with a reproduction.


You guys have a cow out there?


Deadlines and Italian, how else!


Well, not anymore. Just this tall and rather unsightly beanstalk in the yard…


As I understand it, in the making of the actual movie, all the actors spoke their native language - mainly Italian, English, Spanish - and the dubbing came well after editing. The English and Italian versions appeared simultaneously. So it is hard to believe that language would have been the issue for the US trailer.


In a way, it actually makes more sense that they’d all be speaking their own languages. I mean, it’s a Western. The lingua franca of this genre is bullets.


Well, the English-language marketing department clearly misunderstood that Tuco is supposed to be “Ugly” rather than Angel Eyes. Plot spoilers follow: Tuco keeps switching sides throughout, since he’s only ever interested in looking out for himself. Angel Eyes is stone cold evil.

Someone who had properly translated the Italian marketing materials (or at least seen the movie) wouldn’t have confused the two.


The marketing department is very different from the filming and making movies department. I would even say that sometimes they are at odds with one another…


This I certainly agree with.

Tuco is supposed to be “Ugly”

Unlike “Tuca”:


I see the source of the error. The Italian title reverses the order of Il Brutto and Il Cattivo:

…and obviously somebody at United Artists marketing thought “The Good, The Ugly, And The Bad” didn’t roll off the tongue so well.


I will say that as a result of this movie I have spent an awful lot a time wondering if it’s a metaphor for the character’s emotional nature to the world, that Van Cleef is ugly towards people.