Movies aren't just for rainy days


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I think you have a bit of a problem there @jlw


I like movies?


You like A MOVIE a little too much?


I’m just offering the best pairing, not declaring a preference.


I still think someone missed an opportunity when they neglected to title that film Destroy All Aquanazis!


What are these “rainy days” of which you speak?


I get lots of them… though I didn’t watch Das Boot today. I watched The Black Hole which was pretty to look at but so obvious they had no clue at all how to end the movie.


What? It’s gotta be fall into a black hole, right? I mean, everything goes in eventually so the audience is expecting to go there.


no more like the an angel like being escorts the heroes through a heavenly passage to a white hole and some planet and the villain ends up in some hell lake of fire and all the trimmings. which is kinda WTF?


That’s kinda judgey, black hole.


Wasn’t really clear who the bad guys were. Seemed to me the Palomino crew interrupted a late stage, privately funded, research expedition because they disagreed with how the Cygnus ran.

Robots were cute tho.


But if does happen to be raining, Blade Runner.




Late stage capitalism?


Lightning: Big Trouble in Little China

Thunder: Big Trouble in Little China

Plain Rain: Big Trouble in Little China

Fancy Rain: Purple Rain

Raining Cats AND Dogs: Big Trouble in Little China


Raining Dogs and Cats: Die Hard with a Vengeance


I gotta say, my go to is Lawrence of Arabia.


Another fine movie, and a favorite of mine.


Tornado - “Twister” (or “Wizard of Oz”)
white squall - “White Squall”
Hurricane - “Perfect Storm” (or “Hurricane Hannah” from Disney)
ice storm - “The Ice Storm”
drought - “Solarbabies”
dust bowl - “Grapes of Wrath” (or “Bound for Glory”)
global warming - “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” (the movie) (or “Soylent Green”)
too much sun - “Summer Rental”
snowstorm - “Snow Days”
fall - “Indian Summer”

And so on