Ocean's Ocho: an Ocean's Eleven movie with an all-woman lead cast


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Cory, Cory—we discussed this. It’s baby-men. Geez.


An all-female heist movie? Kick-ass.


How much do you want to bet that many man-children will decry this as sacrilege,



“Ghostbusters will result in a $70 million write-down”

well, that sucks.


Care to make a wager as to the net take of this stunning & brave future movie?


I’ll check out Ghostbusters. I avoided it mainly because I felt that the originals were more original than actually brilliant.

I’m waiting for the All Female Dirty Dozen.


I’m agin it.

But I was against the 2001 male remake as well, so I’m still a good person (who just generally doesn’t like remakes).

AFAIK there were only three new ones. Based on the use of plurals in the statement above, I conclude that the set of good ones intersects the set of bad ones.


How about an all female Magic Mike?

…oh, wait…


They already did that in a DTV/Made for cable thingy. It shows up on Showtime in off peak times and I always only see the middle of it.


Were you like me and against it because the original sucked so very much?



Top billing for Brigitte!

[note sarcasm]


I hadn’t seen the original at the time. (I did later see it, and I concur.)


I’m as outraged about them remaking this with a female cast as I am about them only being able to find eight women for me to be outraged about! #NotMyWhateverThisIs!

I prefer SCTV’s Maudlin Eleven, personally.


Yeah, the rat-pack original was pretty thin to begin with, and the remake was pretty boring, so I will give this a big yawn.

Now wake me up when they get around to a remake of My Dinner with Andre with Frances McDormand and Sofia Coppola, that I would watch.


I’d like an “all lady” Fight Club movie.


I’m mixed on this. On the one hand an all female ensemble cast is something we need more of. I certainly don’t feel like O’s 11 was a sacrosanct masterpiece

But is, “Now this time, with wimminz!” Going to become a new way for Hollywood to never have new ideas? Because I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing for either group.


Is The Expendabelles still happening?