Scarlett Johansson to star in live-action "Ghost in the Shell" movie


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Still trying to figure out if want…

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Well, purple hair with red irises is pretty hard to color match naturally.


I am a huge fan of Oshii’s movies, and especially IG’s series Standalone Complex. These productions were both, in different ways, extremely progressive and nuanced balance of cyberpunk, politics, and philosophy. They set the bar high enough that I am skeptical of anything good coming of a Hollywood adaptation.


Hollywood + magna + Scarjo

This movie has zero chance to appease any of the target audiences. It’s like going to McDonald’s and asking the Redbox machine to see a wine list.


More whitewashing by Hollywood. Par for the course.

But, less egregious than that movie “Hachi”, where the Japanese professor was replaced with Richard Gere and Shibuya with Bedridge, and Japan in general with the USA. (Strangely, it was OK to leave the dog as an Akita)


They haven’t yet announced that M. Night Shyamalan will be directing it, so I suppose that’s a point in its favour…?

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Hey, at least it’s not Cardcaptors.


I still think the original film is tremendously overrated, and would have been forgotten if a) like Akira, it wasn’t one of the few dubbed pieces in reasonably wide circulation during a particular time period, and b) its promotional artwork did not suggest the presence of abundant female nudity. I’ll admit it did have pretty good production values, though.

I nearly fell asleep during GitS: Innocence.


For what it’s worth, I’ve never understood why people think Scarlett Johansson is a good actress. To me her portrayal of characters seems to have the emotional depth of a dried up paddling pool. The Immortal Keanu Reeves is a better actor than her.

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Kind of depends on what they do with it. Like, they can’t re-create the anime, but they could tell the same story in a new way that honors what has come before. At its core, these are crime dramas, and that’s a story Hollywood can tell, even if the antagonist is a sentient AI and S-Jo plays a cybernetic humanoid detective in some techno-future LA or something.

I’d be more concerned if they were doing Cowboy Bebop or… Paranoia Agent.

Edit: I think of her more as an action-movie actress than a dramatic actress. I don’t expect a high-caliber performance from her any more than I expect one from, I dunno, Bruce Willis. She’s this generation’s Dolph Lundgren, but with arguably more demographically lucrative fanservice appeal (ie, she is nice to look at for a lot of straight dudes).


Can she even pronounce ‘Motoko Kusanagi’?

The Immortal Keanu Reeves is a better actor than her.



That wasn’t a “suggestion,” it was a promise. And the film delivered on that promise.

Half the movie was just (often literally) thinly-veiled pretense for showcasing hot nude robo-boobies. You don’t see Harry Potter or the Predator stripping down nude to put on their invisible camouflage garments.

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I don’t know, was that outfit or scaly skin?

Glad Hollywood is embracing color-blind casting by choosing Scarlett Johansson to play the lead in Ghost In The Shell.

If “Anime Girl” is a race, Scarlett Johanssen is probably the best fit.

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Not familiar with that situation. But, Last Airbender and Dragonball both got the treatment as well.

This is bound to fail spectacularly. Not because of the casting, which I’m ambivalent about, but because Hollywood.


And in the meantime, the obvious choice of subject for a ScarJo action movie–Black Widow–remains unfulfilled.


Why do anime characters look Caucasian?

Anyway…if a Japanese company were to try to tackle Beowulf, I would almost expect it to be cast with Japanese people, the same way an Indian movie made Superman Indian.

Based on the Marvel movies, I figure we’ll be seeing lots of this:

Even as a red-blooded straight guy, I found it a little insulting that Black Widow’s main appearance in Iron Man 2 was her ass. And her breasts.

And although I don’t think she’s that great, I thought she brought attitude to the character. Like a lot of Joss Whedon things, he cast a pretty girl, and then gave her a part where she plays an actual human being.

Ooh! Ooh! How about Chloe Bennet:

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Aren’t there already like 937 Marvel movies in the pipeline? I mean, they had trouble fitting Ant Man in that lineup and he’s TINY.