Ghostbusters vs masculinity's downranking campaign against "women's" movies and TV

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For those who need a picture or two…this is honestly kind of freaky. This is beyond skewed and kind of disconcerting.

These pubescent manbabies are a blight.


Holtzman is my hero. :slight_smile:

The manbaby brigade seems to arise from a place near where the Trump stench and Berniebro trash heap are located, so a strike against any one of those is a win for us all as a species.


If it wasn’t for all the fuss the manbabies made about Ghostbusters, I might not have seen the movie. I wasn’t initially all that interested and it would have probably slipped my mind but for the attention the all-women crew was generating.
I’m glad I saw it. The movie was fun and funny, the effects really nice, and the acting great. I particularly loved Jillian Holtzmann, so cool.
So thanks manbabies for keeping this movie on my radar so I didn’t forget about it.


Now that the new Ghostbusters is out and civilization as we know it did not collapse, are we outraged over the remake of The Magnificent Seven yet?


I finally saw it and McKinnon DEVOURED every scene she was in! There’s no such thing as too much Kate McKinnon in my book. Every movie needs more of her.

Hemsworth was also a pleasant surprise. He really played up the ‘stupid, pretty and totally happy with it’ concept and it looked like he had a great time.

I actually thought it was a better movie than the original (we sometimes put our childhood on a pedestal) and unlike Ghostbusters 2 it was an almost entirely positive experience.


I thought the idea of a concerted “Berniebro” brigade was effectively dismissed as mythical a long time ago.


I remember reading all this last time around, but are there any movies where there are more female voters than male (regardless of the rating)?

I don’t give much credit to ratings, but I didn’t really care to shell out the price of a ticket when I can get it from RedBox or Netflix in a few months.

Totally possible - I only heard about it from my Hillary-supporting buddies. :slight_smile: It sounded rough though and I’ve seen enough awful behavior by lefty men to consider it “credible” at the time.

You know that clip at the end when his sandwich is taken from his hands and thrown to the crowd, and he says, “A little help here?” and it gets thrown back to him?

I looked over to the crew I was with at the time (white lady, middle eastern lady, black man) and said, “Yeah, that’s basically what it’s like being a straight white guy.”


I saw it in a packed house full of people cheering, laughing, and having a great time, and that’s more than I can say about a lot of movies I’ve seen.

Holtzmann was by far the highlight of the film for me, but I also enjoyed Chris Hemsworth quite a lot (apparently a huge amount of his dialog was improv’d; I had no idea Thor was so funny!). It’s got a lot of imagination and charm and is a lot of fun. The cameos were cute, but pulled me out of the movie a little too much. I’m very much looking forward to a sequel that can just have fun with these characters without having to wink-wink nudge-nudge with its tributes to the original as much.


I hated every minute of the new Ghostbusters movie. Granted, I haven’t seen it yet, nor do I plan to, but should I eventually see it I will surely find it disappointing and have rated it accordingly. Further, I should note that I am a monster.


The best part is your profile icon. :laughing:


I’m still outraged over the remake of The Seven Samurai.


Nah, it’s got Chris Pratt. I can’t be outraged at anything that charming scruffy muffin is in.


I am aggrieved over the remake of Battle Beyond the Stars.


Haven’t seen it yet, looking forward to it. As I was reading reviews and articles about it and the talk of Chris Hemsworth came up, it made me realize how similar it is to the first one - for me.

For me, going to see Ghostbusters (I was about 17) was about seeing some of my favorite comedians/writers from SNL and SCTV, who had gone on to movies, and one of my favorite action stars (Alien; Aliens) do a weird movie about chasing ghosts. The premise was not really why I was excited to see it. Seemed rather dumb, but I knew they were going to make me laugh.

I don’t really see anything different about the new one.


I want to have Kate McKinnon’s babies as a result of this movie. As a man…I mean that as I want HER to impregnate ME and I will carry her baby to term!!!

I absolutely loved that character and her portrayal of her. So much damn awesome.

  1. Some people have too much time on their hands.

  2. I can’t stand hypocrites who criticize others for being overly emotional and irrational, and then do the exact same thing because of casting choices and/or because a group they don’t like likes something.


Mad Max producers controlled the narrative early on about that movie being pro feminism, and the ghost busters team didn’t do as well.

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My interest in the movie is pretty close to zero, but i would never go out of my way to shit talk and put down content that doesn’t interest me. As if it’s doing me any harm for just existing.

I don’t particularly agree with the stylistic choices and overtly comedic tone of the movie vs the original. But the original lives on, so this new movie is just not for me. People being assholes to the movie makers and actresses is inexcusable, sadly you can’t stop easily stop trolls from throwing a fit.