Angry dudes are downranking woman-oriented TV shows on review sites

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On the internet? What a waste. Instead of abusing others, that’s time they could be spending on self abuse.


Is there really a conspiracy here? Or is it that many men don’t really enjoy watching shows like Sex and the City? I never really thought of it as any more than “meh”, but on the flip side, I don’t expect women to like all the shows I like.


From the article:

“Seventy percent of IMDb TV show raters are men, according to my analysis, and that results in shows with predominantly female audiences getting screwed.”

So get busy, women, and start rating.


Jesus - who has time for this shit?

I don’t think I have left a review or even voted on those sites in my life.


Occasionally, I will leave a smarmy comment.

Like with Brittany Spear’s “Crossroads”, mentioned that I enjoyed the big finale with Ralph Macchio.


O.K. got it, where’s the part in the story where the man dudes are doing all of this downvoting ANGRILY?


Needless to say, there isn’t an equivalent cohort of women who are going around and downranking shows aimed at male audiences.

Equivalent to what? Are there maybe seven retired gamergate dudes who actually do this? I’m with @jhutch2000 - just maybe it’s because men don’t enjoy programming that’s designed for women, so they don’t rate it 10/10. Do they have to be angry?


“I didn’t like the show and I took the time to log on and rate it down because that’s the most useful thing I could do with those precious minutes - to warn humanity at large of my important warning” x thousands.



I was in a test audience once for a pretty bland comedy. On the audience survey form my answer to the question, "What was your favorite part? was “I found Atticus’s courtroom speech very moving.”


Hey I loved that too! Something in common, eh?! I love that movie! I took up guitar after watching it!


Granted, if only the averages were different, but that doesn’t really explain the extreme votes. Is it really reasonable to rate something 1/10, especially if you don’t consider yourself part of the target audience? I would be less inclined to give extremely low ratings to something that doesn’t seem to be aimed at me because I suspect that it works fine for someone else and I am the problem.


Do you also expect women to downvote shows they don’t like as often and vociferously as these dudebros apparently do? Cuz they don’t, so . . .



There’s got to be a market for a vocifeo-attenuator translation widget to even everybody out

My answer was, “No.” Wish I could remember what movie it was, too.


If you don’t enjoy watching a show – and thus probably don’t even watch the show – why would you go out of your way to rate it online?

The point of a ratings system is to indicate how well the show does what it’s supposed to do. I’m not a fan of soap operas, let’s say, but I can understand that for those who are interested in watching them, some shows do the genre much better than others. Those fans are the ones whose rating actually means something.

Something is making non-fans of certain genres game the system by artificially lowering the stats. Why is that effort so important to them?


Actually it might be warring factions of the writers union. Whaddya say, @Donald_Petersen??!

I think this is especially true if one considers genre. I personally am not a huge fan of horror movies as a genre, but I don’t then go to imdbdotcom and rate all horror movies 1/10 because I generally don’t like the genre. I also think that certain genres are gender-coded even if the actual audience is not split along gender lines. For example, action and comedy movies tend to be broadly popular but are gender-coded as “man movies” while romantic comedy and period dramas (also broadly popular) are gender-coded as “women movies.” I also think that some people (in this case, men) assume that if they aren’t directly represented on screen, it can’t be good. With men, in part, because they are typically always represented on screen, but also because empathizing or identifying with women threatens their ideas of what it means to be a man.

These conversations always remind me of high school and how a group of boys would mock their friends who had girlfriends by saying that hanging out with girls was “gay.” Quite the opposite, my friends, quite the opposite.


I rather enjoyed Sex in the City overall actually. I think the ladies rating of 8.1 is actually fairly accurate.