History podcasters occasionally mention women, butthurt dudes complain it's "all women"

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butthurt dudes complain it’s "all women"


This is one of my favorite podcasts, and it’s frightening how much hate and complaining Holly and Tracy face. They’ve brought up this “all women” bullshit in the reader mail section at the end before, and I remember they at one point teamed up with Josh and Chuck from the Stuff You Should Know podcast to address complaints about their voices being “unladylike” or “annoying”. The gist of it was that male podcasters pretty much never get people complaining about their voices being annoying, shrill, “too much vocal fry”, etc., and woman podcasters get it constantly from jackasses whose real complaint seems to be that their voices (and bodies and minds) are too female.


To be fair, it is pretty bad. Every time someone mentions something great some broad did, I’m filled with rage at the sobering realization of what an awful, misogynistic piece of shit I am.*


  • Trump 2016!

“…the problem is not us, our work, or our subject matter.”


So the butthurt dudes’ actual complaint is that these two women have the gall to know things about history.


Yet the butthurtees continue to listen to a podcast they don’t like. They are a weird lot with issues too complex to solve with a simple pie chart.


Oh sure, pull out some fancy-schmancy statistics. Women never fight fair.


It’s later discovered that the same dudes are often heard uttering the phrase “I’m not a racist, but…”

I know that the Internet amplifies angry white dudes a bit, but I’m still a little shocked when I read their rantings.
OK, not shocked. Disturbed?


This got brought up on This American Life too, specifically the vocal fry bit. I don’t remember which episode number it was, but I think the other topic was some eagle refuge in the pacific northwest? Like they put up a live camera of what was going on in the nest and it turned into a shitstorm.

The most fun bit was Ira pointing out that he did it too, but people only ever notice it in women.


It’s simple:

Talking about (thing I approve of) is normal and appropriate, talking about (thing I don’t approve of) is biased and offensive.

Once you get that simple rule through your thick skull, everything will be fine.


Frankly i would be 100% thrilled to listen to a podcast or watch a show about just women throughout history. There’s lots of events and people i know nothing about, but women’s role in past events is something i hardly ever hear/read about and i’ve definitely noticed this.
These people that complain about too many women on this podcast just need to move on to something else if it really upsets them that much. That and grow the hell up.


I don’t think this is exclusively an “angry white dude” thing. Sexism is very much alive in all cultures. however for this particular podcast it might really be mostly white males but i think the generalization is counterproductive.


Oh, I noticed it in him, too. Took me a period of time (and a surprising amount of EQ tweaking) before I could listen to him in my car without my molars aching. It bothers me less in women than it does in Ira Glass, but either way it bothers me most on the radio.

I blame NPR’s production standards, though it’s probably more the fault of my rock-n-roll-tuned ears. And my rock-n-roll-tuned EQ settings.


I try to imagine a David Attenborough voiceover explaining these things to me…

And I just wait for the part where the camera pulls back and I’m out of the scene.

All arguments about which retarded malicious chimp is better than another. And who gets what fruit, and who gets what tree.

Endlessly yammering at eachother on a rock hurtling through space.

Then pan farther out. The outer rim of the milky way is visible.

Here… panning out faster than the speed of light, we see a teeny itty bitty earth, in pre-history.

The Pre-cambrian era. All that teeming seaside in megafauna scale. All that amazing bullshit. Gone.

And thankfully so will go our present stupid period.

And no one will even miss it.


This seems relevant:

And yet, you’ll notice in EVERY BB thread that’s got even the remotest link to women’s issues, there’s always a dudebro who shows up to say, “Yeahbut, you didn’t have to watch/listen/use or otherwise interact with [X] so just get over it!!!”


That was 545 - If you don’t have anything nice to say, say it in ALL CAPS - an excellent episode over all, even if some of the specifics from the first story turn my stomach a bit. (Not, I must add, the fault of TAL or the reporter, the also excellent Lindy West.)


That story about the grey squares seems to prove what I’ve believed for ages;

Some people are intent on being contrary and/or divisive just for the hell of it.


The most fun part was pointing out that Ira did it too AND HE HAD NO IDEA!! No one had ever told him or complained about it.

But totes not sexist obvy. /s