“The Hateful Eight” trailer is out. Quentin Tarantino's 8th film looks pretty great

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First official? I remember previews in the theater months ago…

Looks good, though. Tarantino has never quite equaled his first two, but I’ve liked all of his films.


I can’t wait. It looks like Tarantino is getting back to his original (Reservoir Dogs) roots too me. I love the idea of a western during winter, he’s got an all star cast, and I really think this is his best film yet. Yes I am an fan boy. Did I mention that I cant wait? I can’t wait!


I will see this for one reason.





I remember seeing this a while ago also.


Someone really likes Corbucci, the underrated one of the great Sergios.

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There was a teaser trailer a while back…

Which doesn’t seem to be any less of a trailer than this one.


This is going to be the best Xmas ever! This movie and Star Wars. Can’t wait.


You know he’s a widower? You never really think about young people losing a spouse, even though you logically know it does.

I, for one, enjoy his genre explorations quite a bit.

Maybe he’ll do a sci-fi film next?


Looks too precious by half, but I’ll be there watching it in 70mm with a big sloppy grin on my face throughout. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the hell out of it, but I wish Tarantino wasn’t such a horse’s ass.

Did I tell you I had occasion to read the Kill Bill script while that movie was in production, and when I got to the part after the first scene when the Bride gets shot in the head and the screen cuts to black, and the words “The 4th Film By Quentin Tarantino: KILL BILL” were right there in the goddamned script pages I just about threw the thing across the room in disgust. What a monstrous ego.




Yeah, I thought I did. :wink:


Atleast the man is doing something to get asses in the seats. The same cant be said about much that Hollywood churns out these days, right?


Fourth film, though?

Man, was I pissed off when it got cut into two.

Then I watched them, and they clearly were two separate films (although, as a protest, I didn’t see either in the cinema).

hm. yesterday my super awesome Xeni (of whom I am a TREMENDOUS fan) was all against guns. but today its okay, ya know, if its in the movies.

i think this is part of the problem.

That said? badass movie, I wanna see it, and? I have BUNCH of .45LC and Black powder for cowboy action shooting! :slight_smile: something about seeing sparks and fire chase the ball out… :slight_smile:


You know what? If you don’t take your work seriously, nobody else will.

It takes a monumental effort of self-importance to bring anything forth in this culture, let alone a film like this, or the Seven Other Films By This Guy. Tarantino is, no doubt, a ball of neuroses. And part of that is because he has to deflect or absorb shit like “what a self-important douche” from people who probably have a lot more weight behind their opinions than you do.

Maybe don’t throw barbs, then, at the guy who nonetheless produces work that you’ll watch with a with a big sloppy grin on your face throughout. Because it makes you sound like you might be a dick.


Yes, let’s forbid thoughtguns. Because they’re the same as realguns.

Maybe a larger part of the problem is the utter failure of our educational system to teach people, from a young age, how to parse the information flood of culture and make rational distinctions between the effectively real and the obviously illusory.


Yeah, I might be. But I’ll never put my own vanity credit in my script.

No, it doesn’t. It takes a lot of effort, and a lot of luck, and a lot of dedication, and a hell of a lot of collaboration from other talented people. You can act like Tarantino and end up with something as forgettable as Four Rooms. You can act like James Cameron and make something as timeless as True Lies.

More great movies than you think are made by perfectly decent people. They’ll have exacting standards and they may not suffer fools gladly, but neither do they need massive ego-strokes to get the job done.

It’s a Western shot in 70mm. Like I said in my first post, I’d watch it if Ed Wood directed it. My modest hope is that Tarantino lets us have fun watching his movie, instead of beating us over the head with his own masturbatory timewasting (like he did in the first half of Death Proof).


In Hollywood? In the movie business? W-T-F?!?!