Watch the teaser for Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight

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Doesn’t make sense to wear bug cork in the middle of winter.

(Just kidding. I know just about nothing makes sense in most Tarantino movies.)


Had my doubts until I saw Roth. You can take my money now, Mr. Tarantino.


Well, I’ll be watching this. But that was a given regardless.

So who did leak the script, anyway?

A bit off topic, but I was wondering the other day about Yaphet Kotto, and why Tarantino hadn’t yet cast him for a late career revival.


I didn’t watch the whole thing as trailers always give something good away, but this is going to be the best Xmas ever with this and Star Wars.

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Oh that IS Tim Roth. I wasn’t sure it was at first.

Yes - fuck the haters - take my money now. I LOVE Tim Roth. I think he is one of the best actors who never really gets his due. Have you seen the little known indie film Deceiver? It is brilliant. I think actually that was what his character on Lie to Me was based on (though I haven’t actually seen that show.

I love Jackson, Russell, and Madsen as well.

Though in generally I like Tarentino’s films, his first two are still my most favorite of his.

Agreed. And it’s not that I even go out of my way to see Roth— it’s that every time I do see him in a film, he’s on-screen only long enough to remind me why I missed him and then leaves me wanting more. I suppose, in a way, that’s a cardinal achievement for any actor but I can’t shake the sense that his acting gamut isn’t being given sufficient exposure time to impress something greater on the viewer’s memory.

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This actually looks halfway promising - not bad! Haven’t enjoyed any of Tarantinos movies much since well, Pulp Fiction, but still, I am gonna give him the benefit of the doubt a while longer, to be sure.

Inneresting! Looks like they actually shot in the winter too! (Or that is one hell of a snow dress!)
I have a very weird affection for winter shoots. They’re hard for everyone, crew and cast, but man do they look good in the end! Acting cold versus acting in the cold are very different creatures. :smile:

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Last I heard of him, he was playing the lead on Homicide

So, you going to watch Roth as Sepp Blatter?

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Oh god… a film about soccer. And not even really soccer but the organization behind it… uh… maybe on netflix…

Right after I take in Forces Of Nature one more time.

edit - because it was terrible

70mm! This is gonna be a visual feast, that’s for sure. Luckily I live in a place with a theater that can and will most likely show it in 70mm.


So it’s basically Reservoir Dogs: The Western: With a New Twist?

Not that I mind, it still looks great, but that’s the impression the teaser gives me. Unless doing that was intentional.

Reservoir Dogs meets True Grit?

Reservoir Dogs; now with a lady and a Black man?

That was the real teaser.

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What else could you want from a movie? I’m sold.