Movie poster cleverly disguises two-star review

“It’s a crock of … good” — The Guardian

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My dear fellow…

My first thought on seeing this yesterday was “was it really a 2-star review or has someone just created a myth?” So I went looking and found this 3-star review and was ready to be snarky:

So thanks for showing us the original 2-star review so I can go back to enjoying an ingenious piece of design!

Does HuffPo ususally?

Sorry Marge, I’m afraid this gets my lowest rating ever. Seven thumbs up.

This is appalling. Anyone who would resort to such childish tricks clearly has no confidence in the value of what they’re trying to pass off as entertainment.

EDIT: Wow, thanks for all the likes, guys!

I can’t bring myself to spoil the effect by officially liking it, but I heartily applaud the effort nonetheless. Well played!


I was ready to throw a bug report up on Meta and everything. Nicely done!

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