READ ME! A note about National Report

Hello all you happy people!

This is a PSA about National Report. I’m posting it as a separate topic, so it will reach the largest audience possible. I’ve now been on several topic threads where National Report has appeared in thread, and people have not known an important fact about this news outlet:

It is a joke news outlet.

Much like The Onion, National Report posts parody news. Their stories are not real, and should not be taken at face value. Unlike The Onion, National Report is so deadpan in their delivery that people are often caught unawares upon first reading a story from them. (This only occasionally happens with stories from The Onion.) National Report stories can get passed along for some time if not checked out.

So please, if you see a story is sourced from National Report let people know it’s a joke. Also, if a story sounds like it couldn’t be true - check it out. It might not be.

EDIT: Here’s a link to their site.


On that note, I suspect Sarah Palin has a better case against National Report for use of her likeness (and name) than just about any case I’ve ever heard of. :laughing:

I still get people using Landsboro Baptist as a real example of fundamentalists and Prison Planet et al as real journalistic sources. :person_frowning:


I wonder if anyone has told her . . .

Well, it won’t be me telling her. National Report isn’t my kind of fun but I’m in no hurry to stop anyone else’s enjoyment.

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