Read: Reddit’s revenge story of the year

A good possibility!

Very interesting; she comes across as quiet and pleasant in a slightly off-kilter kind of way, and then BAM! she goes off on the wife, and the game is afoot!

Yeah, I wouldn’t believe the IRS came out for just the fake HOA.

But if the story of the HOA was true, it would be incredible that she ran the fake HOA scam and nothing else. Particularly since, as a realtor, the fake HOA would’ve been the smallest potatoes within her reach.


The runner ups for best story of the year were all great as well:

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Wasn’t this a plot point in an episode of The Big Bang Theory?

That 100k was just the fake HOA part. If you read the last part, there were lots of lawsuits for fraud and illegal stuff done to others.

And if she was helping a seller rip off a buyer (or vice versa) they could follow the money to the other person’s tax fraud. These schemes unravel like cheap underwear.

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This one has a genuine HOA and an almost mathematical brilliance.

I though the story of guy who sorts through his estranged Dad’s estate was pretty sad all around.


You mean Hell hath no fury like a me scorned? Pretty sure that’s “she”.

And, yes, that was fully deserving of the term “Nuclear”. In that it left nothing but a slightly glowing plain of glass behind. And given the details, it was fully deserved.


Yeah, one of the final details (the purple urn) was basically, “Just in case there is an afterlife, F U”.


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