Real Armadillo purse yours for $299 OBO




Is it smooth on the inside?


My co-worker gets enough $#!^ for her designer armadillo purse:

If the real armadillo one was cheap, I would get it as a birthday gift for her…


this is a very common design. a search on ebay for “armadillo purse” will turn up many examples, some much cheaper.


Not to get all judgmental on anyone, but sometimes I can’t help feeling our species has a very long way to go.


Why do I want to buy that, fill it with pistols and install a fleshlight into the back of it?


I sincerely hope that is true, and I’m doing my best to make it happen. We can be so much more than we are today.

What’s your vision for the world?


Imagine there’s no armadillo purses, it’s easy if you try. :smiley:


“Before carrier bags were invented you had to take your
shopping home in a hollowed-out dead fox.” - Alexi Sayle

Just another variation, I suppose.


Does it come with real leprosy too?


Just chagas.


Send my invoice to the regular address?


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