Realistic chocolate dinosaur fossil teeth: choco-megaladon/T-Rex

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Megaladon was a shark, not a dinosaur. And 28 pounds??? Isn’t that a lot in real money?

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Haven’t you advertised this before?

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I never knew T-Rex had a sweet tooth.


Yeah, 28 British pounds sterling is $42.72, so, gosh, real money. And the blurb on this neglects to indicate size or weight, so how much “single origin” chocolate does one get? If of the same scale of an actual Megalodon tooth, that’s not a whole lot of choco goodness for the price.

Oh, I know, why bother with such trivial questions. They are chocolate teeth! From an extinct shark! It’s hipster chic for the Silicon Valley class! That’s all that matters, isn’t it?

[Brought to you by “Chocolate for the Royal 1%” LLC]

The TRex is 120 g, the shark 165 g - the prices are mostly the “oh shiny!” premium :smile:

But I like them anyway, and if the shipment calculator before checkout doesn’t lie the delivery costs to Germany are fair(ish).

Well, this is pretty damn silly, but I had to check:

For the Megalodon tooth (14 x 12 x 2.5 cm), you get .165 kg (5.8 oz.) of chocolate, and for the T-Rex tooth (10 x 6.5 x 2.8 cm), you get .12 kg choco (4.2 oz.).

Oh, and the T-Rex tooth is “only” 22 pounds / $33.57.

Of course, if shipped from England, there would also be extra shipping / handling costs, but what do rich people care about such plebian, petty issues? Nada!

Such a bargain! (Well, they are “hand-painted by real humans,” so there is that… although I don’t know about the shellac used for the surface decoration…) 8^}

I suppose these are the kinds of costs one must pay for “food art” – Reginald, dear, could you please pass me the box of Habanas over there, along with that magnum of Dom Pérignon? No, not the '59 vintage – the exquisite '73 Oenothèque. That’s a good butler! I want to nosh on my Megalodon tooth in style… [sheesh]

Something similar.

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