$100K life-size T-Rex skeleton replica


Much more practically, they also have a 1/10 scale snap-fit plastic model that, at three and a half feet long and $100, actually seems like a pretty good deal.


I think my son just finished his Christmas list…

Why not buy two?


Because receiving position has already been reserved for a dummy playing the part of a Creationist?

Kickstarter to make this happen. PLEASE??

Stretchgoal: $200k makes this scene a three-way!

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I love the lady in the image. She looks like her crazy naughty T-Rex has just made another mess in the living room!


Seriously. Nobody else bought the seven-foot tall Frankenstein that glowed in the dark for $1.99? Wake up, sheeple!


For a $100,000 that sucker had better walk around the room and talk too. (Batteries not included)

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Huh, so that’s the same skeleton as graces Google’s Mountain View campus, the one usually covered in pink flamingos.

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