"Lifelike" wall-mounted T. Rex head


The lack of feathers will give it away as a fake.


Don’t know which reaction of mine was worse - the initial “Oh, that’s not a bad price at all, I could go for that” or the second “Oh wait, it should have feathers though”

I used to have a triceratops head that I randomly bought at a store on Divisidero in SF back in the 80s. The thing was amazing. Apparently the guy that made them also made prosthetic limbs and used many of the same materials and techniques to make the dinosaur heads.

Kitbash that suckah.

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The 14" high T. Rex replica head……sounds like just the thing if you want to create the illusion that you’re a time-traveling big small game hunted.

Comes with a wall-mounted butterfly as well, I hope. And a proper iron man President like Deutscher, not that fool weakling Keith.


Wait a minute, are you allowed to bag the juvenile ones?

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If you’re an evil commielibrulnazi, surely you enjoy killing babies?

If I were a personal friend of The Bloggess Jenny Lawson I would get this for her as a gift. Because it would be the perfect thing to go with the other animal head she’s got.

You can buy me one, and I will be your personal friend.

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Sure - the little ones are the most tender.

hunted? wouldn’t a T. Rex have MY head mounted on its wall then??

Now that’s a money-making idea right there.

With our Select-A-Year 3000 time-travel machine, you can jump right into any of our 30+ action-packed Prey-Survival adventure packages! Do you want to be hunted by a Hagryphus? Terrorized by a T-Rex? Maimed by a Megalodon? Or try the future… don’t get zapped by a Zwynix! Our guaranteed fun packages will always be sure to thrill the whole family, from tiny tot to grandma! Any surviving travelers will be given a “I was hunted by a [your-creature-here] and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” t-shirt, completely free! Instant fun!

Take it up with Cory, man.

Like I could even resist that for a minute. Ordered me one seconds after seeing the price.

Edit: Hey! He lookssss familiar. Don Mondo… wasss that you?

Better not let his tadpoless sssee it…

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Seems to be $79 for me. Maybe Amazon is doing some kind of dynamic pricing.


Damn this Amazon-primeless island prison paradise!!

It comes as a total surprise to me that there is a market for prosthetic dinosaur heads.

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