Own your own two-headed calf taxidermy

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I’ve been wondering what to put in my entryway.

For the record, I’m still wondering because that thing ain’t stepping hoof in my house.


Life imitating art?

Pic link seems broken, so…


Fifteen thousand dollars? You can manufacture these things with a fertile cow and a little polonium, easy peasy.


“Directory of wonderful things” indeed…


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Nope. I need food. Can I eat that?

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There’s a 2-butted lamb in the Jackson County (Iowa) Historical Society:

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Probably hard, hard jerky, but I need to eat…

might be relevant to this discussion:

of course there is a part 2 if you’re curious.

I can’t spend fifteen large on it, but there’s no upper limit to the number of browsers I’d elbow aside to plunk down fifty bucks for that thing at a yard sale. 1,001 uses!!!

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The Frontier Times Museum in Bandera, Texas, has a two-headed kid goat, as well as a skull (or skulls) of some creature (or creatures… you get the idea) that apparently lived for some time (two partially separated skulls). Since it’s easy enough to imagine the goat, I present the skull/s:

Double Header

Museum’s highly recommended, by the way. Every time I went, it was chock full of stuff. They show everything they have, and the only things you don’t see are buried under the things you do see. There’s even a Spanish copper spike that my grandfather found on his ranch.

I heard they were undergoing some reorganization, partly because some things were falling apart. I hope this doesn’t mean they’re turning into the Nouvelle Cuisine sort of museum that I hate: “Here is a single artifact, displayed on a clean white pedestal in an otherwise barren room. Try to enjoy its puritan simplicity.”

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You can get one for seven quid from the Bowes Museum.


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