Cute two-faced calf is oldest of its kind to survive


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Lucky, aptly named I’d say.


Wait, I thought it was a calf and a pig?


I saw an older one in a carnival sideshow once (yes, they still exist!) but it was a much milder case that just resulted in a cow with two noses.


A museum near here has a stuffed two-headed calf; they sell a soft-toy version.


How did it smell?


Better than average, I’d assume.


/repeats “it’s not an omen” over and over again while rocking back and forth


Call that an omen? You kids. In my day we had real monstrous omens, with extra eyes and so on.



Beef. Beef never changes.


Would you say perhaps, twice as good?


Two faced and full of cow shit. They should have named it after a prominent political figure.


Sorry, just can’t quite jump on the cute bandwagon with this one. Maybe almost but, nope.


That calf is gonna break someone’s heart one day.




Dr Who’s?


Been there, done that.

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