Miracle calf in India born with "human" face!


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“It’s a miracle… [this] avatar has most definitely created a devotion feeling amongst the people.”

That’s how I feel about my own avatar.


Hydrocephalus is not uncommon in calves. Have these nimrods really never seen it before? Do the religious scammers need a new cause to keep the grift going?


I saw Jesus on my toast this morning. Whole wheat, of course.



I saw FSM in my pasta!


Somebody explain this to me.


Reverse Minotaur?


That’s one ugly human face.


This is the same mentality that sees Trump and thinks “presidential.”



By jumping off a cliff.


“Dante, who was familiar with the writings of the ancients but not with their coins or monuments, imagined the Minotaur with a man’s head and a bull’s body (Inferno, XII, 1-30).”


Too Soon!


Missing something… hmm… oh I know!

There. Fixed it.

I’m as much of a misanthrope as the next misanthrope, but come on, we’re not that ugly.


So is this just the ordinary human appetite for spectacle and news of the weird; or is there an unpleasant chance that it’s catering to the same people currently playing at emboldened Hindu nationalist cow-protection vigilante groups and other…deeply unsavory and incidentally cow-themed developments?


I’m pretty sure that’s a baby spice navigator.


Fortunately we educated Westerners would never fall for this kind of malarkey.


That’s why it was a question: Good honest enthusiasm for weird animal deformities is something I’d expect from anyone; so that being the motivation is essentially the null hypothesis; more or less unsurprising in any time or place.

Cow-tinged religiosity with a sometimes alarming penchant for violence is a more specific phenomenon; but one that has done pretty well under the Mhodi administration, and is hardly necessary to explain interest in weird deformed calves, but is definitely a thing; and might well take a particular interest in such matters.


The same question was on my mind.