Cyclops cow worshipped in West Bengal


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And done.


See, there’s the problem with polytheism right there.


– This cow has no nose.
– How does it smell?
– awful


Think of it this way: the more deities you worship, the better the odds that at least one turns out to be the real deal.


Hey, I’ve got four eyes and do you think I get any kind of respect from anyone?


Does the eye work?


Nah. It’s a lazy eye.


This reminds me of the time a fawn was born with no eyes. When asked what they would call it, scientists had no-eye deer.


I was wondering that. Never blinks, but the video is only 15 seconds long. Wondering if it is functional at all.

In looking at pictures of calves (, it looks like it also has some facial distortion, so I wonder what else may be wrong with it.


No long after another was born with no eyes and no legs…

…When asked what it was called, he said ‘Still no-eye deer’…



Funny thing is, Bardhaman is only a few hundred miles north of Turanga, India.



From my memory of investigating such things in the past, this problem doesn’t just affect the eye, but symmetry in general, so that features at the midline are not duplicated, hence no nose, one eye, I don’t know whether it affects things on other parts of the body. It happens to humans too. Don’t do a google image search for that.


If anyone wants to get rich selling holy ruminants, I know how to cause this birth defect…

Not that I’m suggesting that you actually feed this to anything (that would honestly be a pretty sick thing to do).

And there’s your animal toxicity fact for the evening!


Does this cow shoot lasers out of it’s eyes yet is somehow still a complete preppy tool? Is it mated to another cow that’s a powerful telekinetic?

Asking for a friend that’s a cow with self-healing abilities and Adamantium hooves.


Burning bushes, rains of frogs, women turning into pillars of salt, virgin births, wine turning to blood and wafers turning to flesh are so much more credible than one-eyed cows. Ha ha ha what credulous pagans!


I was diagnosed with a lazy eye as a child. I never did anything about it, and it became malignant and spread by the time I hit my teens.


Arrrgh. Very very punny.


That makes a lot of sense. I’ll take your advice on the search. As a wise doctor once said, you don’t wanna know


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