Inflatable T-Rex costume


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Don’t forget to add a couple of these to make it even more intimidating…


by then it will be too late

… for what?


Be careful! That thing’s made of pure polymascotfoamalate.


☐ everything

☐ valetines


Was wondering why Amazon also recommended this:


Because there’s no need for handcuffs?


Hmmm…been shoveling snow (like a boss, natch, but not a dino-boss) and drinking beer and if I can operate a shovel with this on…might be the purchase of the century.


That would certainly be picture-worthy. (And you might not need to wear a coat, hat or gloves with a plastic vapor-barrier around you.)


I could roar at the jackasses putting chairs, doors, and other stupid-ass shit out to “reserve” “their” parking spaces. Or maybe just kill and eat them…

Of course, I’m late to that particular party…DAMMIT!

Thank you, Intertubes, oh how I do love you:



I’d only be interested if there’s also a Utahraptor and Dromiceiomimus costume for my friends to wear simultaneously.

Oh, and a tiny little woman I can stomp on.


oh my there are TONS of youtube T-Rex videos…goodby evening.

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