Realistic paintings of vegetables

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I still regret not buying a tiny painting of a lemon, in Prague 2 years ago…


Hard candy is more to my taste. This one is by Gina Minichino. I can’t afford it, but I’d love to see it on my wall.


I dunno, just saw this the other day and think THIS is amazing exampels of realistic painting.

Which is real and which is the painting?


You know an apple, cucumber and yes, even the banana are fruits right?


For photorealism in art, nobody does it better than Richard Estes, IMO.


As a realism painter (not photorealism), I never did understand the single object, floating in space thing. An apple, a cucumber, an eye.

Gimme some context, man. Or at least make it interesting and show that eye removed from a socket.


Paying forward the needless pedantry I received earlier today, minus the snotty attitude;

If it was floating in space, the cast shadow would be much lower on the canvas, or it wouldn’t be there at all.


That said, I agree that not even bothering to include any indication of a horizon line does annoy me as an artist.

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only $28 for the banana… i want to buy it and well you know.

Why is the banana obligatory? I would think it would be optional.

Also, humans should be reclassified as Pan Ludus in the binomial nomenclature.

Good question. I’ve always wondered whether “Just look at it!” is an exclamatory sentence or an imperative sentence.

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I’d say it’s an efficient use of words and is both. :slight_smile:


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