Realistic singing synth might have fooled SoundCloud into thinking Ariana Grande cover is the original & got pulled off site

Last week a new singing synthesis program called Synthesizer V was released as a technical preview ( One of it’s main advantages it has over industry leader Vocaloid (made by Yamaha) is that it produces a significantly more coherent and clearing sounding english singing voice.

So clear and realistic, that SoundCloud’s automated copyright detection thought an acapella Ariana Grande cover made with it was the original version and pulled it off the site. The cover maker used no other programs outside of Synthesizer V and zero samples from the original when he made it. You can read the uploader’s account of what happened in this thread on twitter. Here’s a re-upload of that song he posted as a video on twitter and a video of the original Ariana Grande song to compare to each other so you know i’m not talking out of my ass about these claims.


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