Really big mousepad

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wake me when my mouse-padded cell is ready


Hmmm oil and water resistant… looks like it would be a good thing to put on the coffee table when working on things or resting drinks on it.

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I have one that’s a little wider at 36x16 and it has RGB around the edges, it’s so much better than I thought it would be and the surface is easily cleaned by a microfiber cloth.


nice for old style mechanical mice, today’s mice are optical… no need for a pad. Who is this for really?

If you think optical mice work equally well on all surfaces, then you haven’t tried them on many surfaces.


Well, I just ordered one. So I can work on stuff on my coffee table and not worry about oil and grim getting on it.

also known as a ‘Desk Protector’.
i’ve had one, or something similar, since long before computer mouses were a thing.

my current one is made from dead cow

What is the price of this mouse pad compared to say a placemat?

I don’t know if a place mat that size.

I did buy a larger than your typical mouse pad that was marketed at a work pad for the same task that turned out to be much smaller but only a buck or two less than what I just ordered.

oh! a blotter!

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yes, exactly. now I’m ashamed for dumbing down my reply… time for my geritol.

I got mine. It is sorta like pleather with a strap to carry it rolled. Assuming this takes solvent well, it will get a great table protector.

If you do card gaming, it would make a great gaming mat. Get a silver sharpie and draw your own board areas on it. Assuming sharpie sticks to it.

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