Really excellent advice for finishing a book

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Those props from Naked Lunch were just added to the Experience Music Project’s “Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film” exhibit!

“ossified bones”, really?

Anyway I like stuff like this. I often think about trina write a novel. Often in the context of noticing how much crap I type in internet discussions each week, and considering how much better it might be for me and everyone else if I just put that all in one easily-burned location.


I approve of anyone who looks at pictures of dinosaurs while on break. This includes looking out a window at one or going for a walk.

Dinosaurs are awesome.

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Bone remodeling, yes.

I was hoping this would be a post about tung oil.


I was hoping he would have tips for readers trying to finish a novel. I’ve been trying to finish Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow off-and-on for years now but I never seem to make it more than a third of the way through.


Hey now, I’ve finished a novel, I just need to make it better.


His blog is alike thug kitchen for writers, i love it.

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