Recomendo: $10 wrist watch, contacts without prescription, YouTube tool

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You could probably make a living scooping up all the Apple TBC* from hotels and selling them.

*Thieving Bastard Cables


But those GUM soft-picks are so not eco-friendly–so much waste plastic. Floss is so much better.

Yes, but mark isn’t getting referral money from the floss companies.

You can also use the “<” and “>” keys to do this, right in youtube! Just pause the video and you can step through it frame by frame. There are some other good hotkeys too — “j” and “l” jump around 10 seconds at a time, and “k” pauses and unpauses. Yay for youtube hotkeys!


I’ve had mixed success asking for a charger at lost and found. Some hotels have gotten wise and will direct you to their shoppette to buy one.

That’s uncharitable. Mark gets Amazon referral fees, and he could get them just the same for one item as he can from the other.

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I like to think of cheap watches as the anti-Rolex. Yeah, I’ve got a $10 watch and three grand in the bank!

I also remember the Longitude Act of 1714. Yes, I am that old. Which offered a 20,000 pound prize for anyone who could come up with an accurate way of determining longitude for ships. The solution ended up using accurate chronometers to make the calculations. This was a Big Deal. Now, super accurate $10 watch… meh…

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