"Recorded Live": a short film about murderous video tape reels


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Cara, I’ve been looking for this since the beginning of Youtube. I remember seeing this short on a Sunday night on TV. I was so afraid that I did not turn on the TV for a couple of days in a row.


I’d completely forgotten about this film. Seeing it again was fantastic! Thank you.


I totally remember this one, and the situational discussions my brothers and I used to have about it…
Why is the key to one private office in the desk of another private business, much less a large magnet? If all the tenants are dead, where are their clothes? Etc.

I really miss the shorts from old HBO. One of the best showcase opportunities small filmmakers had back then.


It had its weaknesses, but my God that twist ending!


Nice nod to the man who was a great pioneer of the art form in the opening scene.


I was disgusted when the monster of magnetic tapes spits the shoes of that poor wretch. The funny thing is that videotape was not very popular at the time. I thought it was a regular celluloid movie, like those in theaters.

I remember feeling scared, but I think the strongest feeling was disgust.




This film suffers because it was transferred from a low fidelity medium,


How is it that this short is more creepy the 75% of the horror movies out now? Plus, the old grainy film transfer just adds to the whole thing.


What did the letters say?


Illegible letters were par for the course in the seventies. We heard first the letter read aloud.


And no one has yet thought of Brian O’Blivion??

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