Recreating a classic Moebius comic with Peanuts characters

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My guess is the primary motivation for making this parody was to be able to write off the $350 the artist needed to drop on the source material. Damn.

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So did they screw up by dropping the dirt out of each, or should the agespotty and eraser things have had their own cameos?

Well Deepdream, I expect to see these ziptoned and colored next time there’s a GPU with power someplace.


To a certain degree couldn’t at least some of the ‘animosity’ (whilst a fan of comics I’m not an expert on creators & their views) be attributable to the lack of availability of a lot of Mœbius’s work, especially his solo material in English. I picked up Pharagonesia & Other Strange Stories back in the late 80s when it was published on a whim and, whilst a ‘minor’ work it is amazing, but the rest of the Epic collections go for silly prices on e-bay when ever they (rarely) emerge.

Whilst no one can capture the stark beauty of emptiness and the power of simple colour like the late, great Giraud I just cannot justify paying the kinds of prices his solo work goes for.

I’ve heard rumours that it’s to do with his estate, but they’re just rumours so generally pay them no mind and don’t want to get involved in an unedifying Anglo/French spat quite frankly, particularly when I’m so spectacularly uninformed about the nuts & bolts of the reasons. Thankfully it appears Dark Horse are starting to publish a Mœbius library later this year, although like Miracleman & Flex Mentallo I won’t quite beleive it until it’s in my hands…

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I read the headline and was imagining a Peanuts comic printed on a Moebius strip, forming an infinite loop in which Charlie Brown falls for Lucy’s football trick over and over and over again.


What exactly is this guy referring to? I’m not familiar of any animosity between the two comics communities, and especially haven’t heard anything but praise from American artists about Moebius. (I don’t know the French comic community at all, but I’d also be surprised if they had some huge problem with Schulz).

Also, it’s not surprising, but this guy’s work falls short of both the master artists he’s aping.


Exactly my thoughts. I would never have found Moebius if not by American artists praising his work.

…and French bande-dessinee shops have well stocked and well patronised English language comics sections. All very strange.

But I do like the Peanuts/Moebius crossover - it’s quite charming.

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