Recreational Mathematics magazine



WTF? As soon as the download completed, my undies self-atomic-wedgied me!


Typeset in TeX and Computer Modern because of course it is.


Thanks Maggie!

Just saw this last night…
The first lessons in numbers : an illustrated table book, designed for elementary instruction : Felter, S. A. (Stoddard A.) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
A wonderful lesson book from the 1868.

[this book] does not propose “to teach the pupil how to think,” for this must be done by a living teacher ; and no book, whatever its pretensions, can be more than an aid …. Whoever attempts to force upon them reasons, solutions, definitions, and relations, violates the fundamental law of the development of the human mind; and, although the pupils may become learned in the book, they are, nevertheless, on the broad road to conceited ignorance.

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