Recursive sidewalk sale sign

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Woah…199 for two signs? WTF?


They could have made the sign SuperRecursive, if they had reused a cursive font.

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Just ask “if I buy one, can I have the next one for half price?” You can have your infinite signs for $398.


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Kinkos charges $85 to print a 24"x36" sign, so the A-frame would end up costing about $30 in that scenario. The last time I priced an A-frame out it was around $100, so that’s not too bad a deal.

I’m not sure that’s such a great deal. The signs appear to be rotating within their respective contexts so most of them will be pointing in an inconvenient direction. Of course they’ll keep coming back into view, but … so small … so small.

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I’ll see your recursive sign and raise you some weaponised, self-referential semiotics, signage.


I don’t think it really the cyclists’ responsibility to caution signage. Besides, can inanimate objects really be cautioned?

Do e.g. self-driving cars count?

Eh, people’s eyes get funny getting on. So why wouldn’t they all hold their reading at 60 degrees from front at a 3/4 view, rather than straight on like Armok?

the problem is the first sign is facing forwards and all the inner signs rotate. The whole effect is spoiled.

Sure, but they’re going to have to follow the signs into their ever-spiralling shrinking universe.

Hey, that’s a great deal! Usually the rotating signs cost extra.


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