Recycling culture at McMurdo Station in Antarctica




Dumpster diving in Antarctica. Photo: Peter Rejcek, Antarctic Sun.

Huh. I find it odd that they actually have standing wooden electrical poles and brown, bare-rock mountain in Antarctica.

Then again, looking at the maps, McMurdo Station is established on an island, rather than the mainland, so that easily explains the mountains. I still find the above ground electrical wiring to be bizarre, though - I would have thought that trailing wires would be regularly ravaged by ice and storms and be difficult to maintain?


Really fascinating. Thanks for posting this.


According to this , the temperature usually is below freezing all year round, so no ice, just snow, which doesn’t build up on powers lines and pull them down.


Think of it as a desert… a really frickin’ cold desert.


I spent the austral 2000-2001 summer there and used Skua central for costumes and props when I directed “Much Ado About Nothing” there. There was an article that season on Skua that gave a little more historical context to the situation (page 10 of You can also see the concept incorporated into a poster on Antarctic forms of property I did for a SCAR (Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research) meeting ( Glad to hear that other people are interested in it!


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