Red Cat Ramen is purrfect blend: felines, noodles, and a heartwarming tale

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Trying to find the print version of this. Can anybody help?

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I don’t think it has been printed in English. Seems to have been printed in Japan in Shonen Jump. You might have to settle for online

I have high hopes for this anime


You never know. Some of the whackier comic stuff comes over. I’m sure What’s Michael got an English language release in print. Saint Young Men is supposed to be coming. Way Of The Househusband has been aired on Netflix. Aggretsuko too. So there’s hope.

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I really want an English dub. Subtitles are a bit beyond my 7 year old

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If you want a comic Japanese, cat operated food service industry series, look up Samurai Pizza Cats on YouTube. It’s fully American voiced.

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Looks amazing. But this made me laugh - I’m living in Japan for a while, and the link gave me this:

Either on my local connection or VPN to Osaka. But set to the US or UK, all was fine… :joy:

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