Red-Flag Gun Law Enabled

"The law allows people to ask a judge to remove guns from anyone deemed a threat to themselves or others.

Police departments have been preparing to deal with having to store more guns now that the law has gone into effect, but Riverdale Park Police Chief David Morris said the law should not be seen as a “gun grab.”

The protection orders that allow the courts to demand someone surrender their firearms only lasts for up to one year." -WTOP

Other (Maryland) gun laws of note (That took affect Oct 01)

“A law banning bump stocks, which can increase a semi-automatic rifle’s firing rate, also took effect Monday. Bump stocks were used in the mass shooting in Las Vegas.”

“Another law that took effect in Maryland requires convicted domestic abusers to surrender guns to law enforcement or a firearms dealer. Domestic abusers already were prohibited from possessing guns, but because of a loophole they were not required to give up guns they already owned before conviction.”

Also notable, douchebag Va. Senator Mark Warner (D) has finally seen the light:

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