Reddit considered decentralization

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More here, from the crypto whiz kid himself:

Could be an interesting thing to happen.


So the new killer app for Bitcoin’s technology is…Usenet?

I’m starting to think that the blockchain is really clever technology in search of an application.


i’m just going to leave this here

I’m going to go ahead and call the idea that they “came close” a bit of a stretch. Decentralized content distribution systems are hard, and nobody’s close to making them update quickly enough for something like Reddit, where there’s a fairly tight loop between when I post a comment and when I expect people to see it.


beyond the control of individual hosts…

If this is so, how do they shut down trollies?



The blockchain is a highly inefficient solution for a problem that is best summarised as “how can we use the blockchain?”

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It’s a quite useful thing for decentralized systems.

Of course you can come up with more efficient ways, but they usually involve some sort of centralization. Which goes against the original specification.

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