Reddit eyes journalism


That was actually a pretty good joke about the difficulty of citing and quoting the average reddit handle.

,"wrote the Reddit user, SHITCAKES.

Reddit is the AIDS that is killing the internet. Bad idea. Unless you like your news to come from a bunch of self important karma whores.

“But the screw-ups can’t be dismissed glibly”

Especially when they include such moments as identifying the wrong person as a bombing suspect, resulting in him being hounded to the point he committed suicide.

Also, look at any thread from Reddit users regarding journalism, and if you know the first thing about journalism, you will quickly realize that the vast, overwhelming majority of Reddit users don’t.

And while Reddit threads are indeed a great place for crowdsourced news, they’re an even better place for crowdsourced bullshit and nonsense, as thousands of armchair sleuths convince themselves of their investigatory and journalistic prowess by contributing significantly to the noise to drown out the signal.

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