Reddit's /r/technology demoted over scandal of secret censorship that blocked Internet freedom stories


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Sounds like a stupid idea, but having moderated web-based discussion in the past, I can at least understand where this stupid idea came from.


Default subreddits are the worst. They only affect people who care enough to make an account. If you just go to reddit you see, in essence, /r/all, an aggregation of all the most popular links.

If you make an account, you see the filter of default subreddits on your frontpage. If the user has demonstrated a desire to participate, I don’t think they would begrudge a wizard or interest selector tool to explore the offerings and at least create a baseline of personalized content.

When subreddits first came we envisioned a lot of possible problems, but this default pickle wasn’t one of them. How the hell were /r/atheism and /r/politics default for so long?

Much as I know I should know better, it’s still always a bit surprising to hear that something I just sort of assumed was there, floating in the ether, is actually held together by spit, duct tape, drawn-out pseudonymous personality clashes, and similar stuff.

Wikipedia, at least, has more historical metadata for examining how the sausage got made (though the answers aren’t always pretty) and we all know the story of OpenSSL now…

Most butthurt comment

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bestof censors too, links from /r/mensrights can’t be posted to that sub


Maybe they should automatically filter it into a different category, such as /r/techrights rather than straight-out delete it

I wasn’t aware any discussion happened on reddit. I thought it was just a curating service for imgur.


To me it sounds like that they realized those are all sensational topics that will keep getting posted over and over with very little new information. Additionally, if you are subscribed to the defaults, you would probably get those same articles from other subs. So maybe you guys reel in the censorship rhetoric a bit?

Exactly this. They aren’t meaningful technology topics at all. Just rhetoric.

They do the exact same thing on Boing Boing. For example, you can’t say xxxxxxx, or even xxxxxx. Try and see what happens - I dare you!

Where did butthurt come from?

Is it a sly anal rape joke or a nerd-has-hemorrhoids joke or what?

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Someone’s gotta do it:



…nothing seems to be happening…

I generally read that as resentment at having received a spanking.


Hey, when is BoingBoing going to have indented comments just like Reddit, so it’s much easier to follow a thread?

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Probably never, as one of the design decisions of the software used was not to have threading. Its absence is deliberate.


This, fortunately, is about as likely as there being an ‘MRA’ category on bbs (though a honeypot for 'em might be fun, but it has to be called ‘fish in a barrel’.

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Me too. Perhaps that’s simply our privilege talking though, and it’s really about anal intercourse. Apparently, anal sex is supposed to be painful.

I wish more places would ban endless discussion of hotbutton/troll topics. There are more then enough places on redit to discuss the banned topics.

I don’t think your statements are correct.

Anyone who goes to sees only default subreddits, whether they have an account or not. You only see all subreddits if you specifically go to Again, you see all subreddits there whether you have an account or not.

Some people say that /r/all should be the main page for everyone, and that defaults are an unnecessary and even undesirable filter. However, the problem with /r/all is that it includes a lot of NSFW content (if you have an account) and a lot of highly specialized content from communities that are very active but not general interest (things like League of Legends, polandball, etc.).

Default subs seem like a flawed but necessary compromise, though maybe not the best one.