Refrigerator stuffed with explosives' final act of defiance against sharpshooter

Is it bad that I’m laughing?


The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. But not necessarily in that order.


Oh there is. Expiration is the right word.


Minor point - have you plumbed it in? All of those things can be explained by lack of water. Water, also known as dihydrogen monoxide or monooxygen dihydride, is frequently used as a carrier for surfactants in cleaning processes. You may find your dishwasher requires a supply. It is conveniently liquid at ordinary temperatures but may require thermal treatment in winter before use in high latitudes. Or perhaps it’s just a crap dishwasher. What’s the model number?


Also, air resistance will modify the trajectory, don’t you think? I think @Max_Blancke may be overly suspicious.

I stated clearly that I was not ready to call shenanigans. I see a lot of explosions, and the way the lid flew at him was unusual. Not impossible. Just unlikely.

Isn’t that hydrogen hydroxide stuff poisonous? And I try to stay away from surfactants. Supposedly showers often have them, but I’m not sure.

I think it’s just a crap dishwasher. The model is Bosch SHE53TL5UC.


I had to watch to see if it was my former brother-in-law. Nope, but that’s just the type of thing he would do. Thanksgiving at his place always involved him setting up a shooting range that was nominally for everyone to “enjoy” but actually just for him to show off his shooting prowess. The grand finale of the day would be him hauling out some oversized beast of a firearm to shoot some dead appliance that he would have primed with something to make to go boom when he pulverized it sufficiently. I’m glad my sister-in-law divorced him.

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Yeah, this sort of thing is way too common (just search “tannerite” on youtube).

If you’re into shooting, it’s pretty well known that there are minimal distances for using this stuff (which this guy is clearly not observing), and some f-ing common sense prohibitions against putting it in anything that could produce shrapnel.

While the big door moving pretty fast is scary, I’d be more scared of the smaller metal shrapnel moving at supersonic speeds…


Yeah the tree which the door knocks down, seems to bob back up un-naturally. I initially thought the door was being pushed by a shock wave, because the first and second tree get knocked around a lot, but the branches hanging down in line with the camera don’t move at all. Dense objects do get thrown long distances out of explosions because they retain their momentum, but a dense object that size would have done more damage when it hit the branches on the left. Also I don’t see where the door goes when it exits to the left. It seems to hit the small tree to the left of the shooter but we don’t actually see it stop or pass to the left, and we don’t see where the little bits of debris come from when they fly from left to right.

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Serves the right… recording video in portrait mode.


Damn. That shit’s legal? I’m going to have to play with some out at the gravel pit.

Depends on where you live. Here in CA, not so much. Across the border in AZ? Hell yeah!

It’s actually really stable, and can make a distant gong target far more interesting…


He was pretty lucky in terms of how the door ended up deforming. A not terribly impressive bit of sheet metal can punch through a lot more than a tree if you get too close to the ‘explosively formed penetrator’ shape.


Even if the same piece had gone “frisbee” it could have buzzed right through tree and shooter.


Definitely a trust, but add fire detection cameras that twitter/text somebody situation. The smell goes away without a lot of months, but it does change the dynamic of the drain it’s attached to s.t. the drain junction situation (steel in the wall, say) does with a little of that tiny USB camera inspection now and again to see if your house’s got CDBG or DBDA or CBD(F#) or whatever. [edit: Sample size==1 and a Marriott Willow Ridge]





When Heydrich was assassinated the bomb missed, but he was killed by a tiny splinter which entered his spleen and set up an infection. The splinter may have picked up bacteria passing through the car upholstery. There are always risks in being around such an explosion.

Yeah, I’m just going to go with “shit looks fake” and call it a thread.

Fridge doors aren’t that dense tho? Mostly foam.