Refrigerator stuffed with explosives' final act of defiance against sharpshooter


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Uh, yeah… the next time this guy has occasion to shoot a refrigerator full of explosives I bet he doesn’t stand in front of it.


He had the sense to fire through the crotch of a substantial-ish tree…

But it’s pure blind luck he didn’t end up eating the rifle after the door impaled itself on the barrel.


There’s just no expiration date on stupidity.


Am I the only one reminded of the beginning of “The Dukes of Hazzard”?

I expect one of you is tech-savvy enough to find the clip of the dynamite/bow and arrow/outhouse explosion…


I went and watched the source video. I am not going to call shenanigans on it, but it does seem odd that the door stays oriented that way, and does not tumble. It also seems to move in the opposite of a ballistic curve. At a minimum, I think it would be hard to replicate.



Someone thought refrigerator doors worked like in Indiana Jones.


The refrigerator appears to have a latch with caused the door to deform into a sail-like shape - showing the explosion was in the center of the door, and that the air could escape around the door to allow it’s movement.


It would make sense that they would secure the doors, to maximize effects.


I know that you have to remove the doors from old fridges, but there are easier ways to do that.


That would probably be less visually impressive. High-pressure explosions like that tend to be a “there one second, gone the next” kind of thing. Big fiery conflagrations are generally more interesting to look at.


I would love to do that to my brand-new Bosch dishwasher, which does not clean the dishes, does not dry the dishes, does not leave glassware spotless, does not fit dishes efficiently, and smells like tar due to the bitumen (i.e., tar) noise barrier. The last is not really needed, because the dishwasher doesn’t do anything (except leave unclean, spotted dishes wet).

However, I will contract out to this guy to get it done. I ain’t doing it myself.


You Were Only Supposed To Blow The Bloody Doors Off!


So close to a Darwin nomination!


I feel like he’ll get another chance



Am I the only one geeky enough to notice that the animated gif tumblr is named gif87a-com but that gif87a didn’t have support for animation? It was in the gif89a revision that added the extensions for animations.


So the whole plan was to leave smoking fridge parts strewn all over the park/your lawn? Mmf.


Tannerite is fun, but don’t be stupid with it. Too much too close and/or with too much shrapnel and you’re going to have a bad time.