Relic from a shameful chapter of American history returned to the Dakota People by an anonymous donor


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More gracious, heartening stories like this, please.

Roger That!


Thanks for covering this story. Obviously, there’s a lot more to it than can be covered in a few short paragraphs. I highly recommend the “Dakota 38” documentary which tells the story of the 38 men (plus 2) hanged in deeply unjust circumstances. The movie tells the history of the conflict and mass execution and juxtaposes the story with present day work by Lakota people to travel the trail of displacement on horseback and tell the story of the Dakota 38. It is a powerful window into the continuing lives of Dakota people, which is often lost when we tell the story of the settlement and colonization of North America.

This is the full documentary available for free:


These short, shameful chapters of US history seem to run real close together, almost as if it were one long shame filled odyssey without end. Great thanks to the soul who interrupted our sad journey with that act of decency and respect. Whoever you are, you represent what all of us should aim for in this land.
Just 3 or 4 years ago a US president tried to find a way to make the world a bit safer but today an orange coward ripped it up because he’s bent (really fucking bent) on destroying everything good our first Black president tried to create. Wretches like him would be the first to sell the rope to kill others with…hate with profit. What a guy. And still he is out shadowed by a decent soul who remain anonymous.


HEY! I just saw this on the late news! The anchor said 35 people had signed up already, and that last year had 74.

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A great modern perspective on the Dakota Uprising:


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