ReMarkable e-Ink sketching slate pitched at "paper people"


I’d love to see this sort of thing advertised with a picture of some work of literature (Lady Chatterly’s lover, say) as annotated by a twelve year old boy with a penchant for doodling.


I’m intrigued. I wish they mentioned whether it’s capable of exporting in vector or not. I haven’t bought any of the ones on the market because I can do high(er) res raster with a paper notebook and a cell phone.

I have the feeling the average 12 year old boy doesn’t have the patience for Lady Chatterly’s Lover.

I’d love getting used ebooks with doodles and cryptic notes on them. My 3rd copy of the Odyssey has just the weirdest notes and it’s fantastic. I support this idea.


Well, you know…


Had Sony’s version ever been available for $600 I would own one.


The XO-1 design has not aged well(and the keyboard was always a disaster); but the screen performed quite well in greyscale(200DPI, sunlight readable). Color cut the resolution and led to weird artifacts(as a cost saving measure, the RGB subpixels were generated by a filter behind the LCD, so the panel itself didn’t have RGB subpixels. At least for the time, it had pretty dense greyscale pixels; but the effective resolution dropped sharply when doing color because the pixels were pressed into service as subpixels.

Panel refresh rate was unexciting, certainly not gamer material; but more or less identical to other LCDs of the period. The hardware did a pretty good job of making it feel slow, though. AMD was cooperative about firmware and pricing; but the Geode was a very, very, slow part.


This was almost certainly the issue.

My company had a few of them kicking around back in the day, because we were trying to create free science software to go on them. We basically gave up because it was just too slow.


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I was that 12-year-old.


I can’t wait to meet Earl and tell him the name of his product is needlessly confusing. “Duh, what’s a muh-tarl?”


I’d imagine a frofessional would look something like this guy:


When I was growing up in the Reagan/Bush years and everyone was shit scared of drugs, our assistant principal thought Puff The Magic Dragon was a pot reference. It wasn’t, but we made it into one.


Not sure if this is one of these increasingly common advert-articles peddling useless shit from the stacksocial store or a real recommendation/information.


I can’t blame you there. I did the ‘give one, get one’ thing; and have fond memories of the screen’s unusual characteristics(and, while the little ‘ears’ were silly looking, the wifi performance was pretty decent; and it sure stood out in the coffee shop); but there just isn’t any pretending that a 433MHz Geode LX(AMD; but still substantially the Cyrix MediaGX-derived National Semiconductor core design, remember when people who weren’t Intel and AMD made x86s?), especially if it is also trying to run a not-terribly-stripped-down version of Fedora, just Is Not Fast.

I had a great time playing old-school CLI; and light web browsing was surprisingly possible; but I pity anyone who had to make a nontrivial graphical application play nice. To hit the price point, in 2007, they had to cut the specs pretty hard.

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