Which is the best e-ink tablet?

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I really want one of these to be good someday because it is a compelling idea. “Pen and paper” is a tough act to beat, though. I’m not holding my breath.


It didn’t make the cut, but I’ve been eyeing a Boox Tab Mini C since my Kindle Oasis died. I’d be interested if anyone has any experience or news Boox and their quality.

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The Remarkable is a fantastic tool for taking notes in meetings, if only because it is a lot less distracting to others than the tip-tip-tap of a keyboard or the glow of a tablet’s screen. I love using mine and would recommend it to anyone who takes a lot of notes and is happy to not have a lot more functionality (it is a very limited ebook reader for instance).

Sadly, Remarkable introduced a subscription service for new users who want to use their cloud services. On top of a very high purchase price it does make it less appealing than it could be.



One of my customers was singing the praises of the reMarkable last year - they’d bought them for several dev team members.
Then a pal of mine relocated to Oslo in October to work as a developer for the company - he’s enjoying working with the hardware, I’m waiting for him to get another staff discounted one that I can ‘borrow’ :grin:

If it can recognise my handwriting I’ll be mightily impressed… like a spider walked through an ink spill according to my old manager.


Just popping in to say I love my BOOX Note Air. I don’t do any handwriting recognition shenanigans; I just use it as an endless supply of paper. I am particular to graph paper and so created my own PDF template to meet my needs. It holds the library of books I physically cannot hold in my small apartment. A little light internet browsing from time to time, and that’s all I need it for. I use it daily, constantly. It literally changed my life. (YMMV)


Is there a bias in these devices for right handed writers? How do they work for us leftys?


You just need an Etch A Sketch with a screenshot function.


Etch-a-sketch + stick + duct tape + polaroid camera.

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I’ve just upgraded from a Boox Nova 3 Color to the Boox Tab Ultra C. I liked the original device a lot, and made the switch only to get a bigger screen (the Nova is a bit small for reading some comics on).

The customized version of Android is a blessing and a curse: A surprising number of apps run well on the device, but this also ups the distraction factor.

But they’re dreamy for writing on. I really like journaling in a space that’s infinite (no stray bits of paper), and Onyx’s backup solution is really good. (It’s a Chinese device, which gives some people pause, but I’ve opted to use one of their US servers – is that better? Dunno, but if some worker somewhere wants to read about my feelings, have at it.)

I’m an illustrator, and I like these devices for making rough doodles on; they’re never going to produce proper finished artwork, but that keeps things loose and idea-y rather than fiddly. And, both for drawing and for reading, I really like the newsprint-type pastel colours.

I’m looking for a home for my Nova; DM me if you’re interested.

I’m surprised that the Remarkable is being touted here. You have to pay an eternal subscription fee just to use their software, on top of an already high purchase price.

I get that the limited feature set with this, the Kobo, and Amazon devices helps with focus, but it’s kinda hard to justify paying a premium price for these when the Onyx devices do so much more.


Thanks for the detailed response. That’s really helpful.

DMd you on the Nova.

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The Supernote have left handed mode, although I’m not sure how good it is.

It uses EMR stylus and capacitive touch sensing, so it can tell the difference between pen and hand without having to guess by size/side/other as other, fully capacitive, tablets do. This should improve left hand usage.

I have a Supernote A6X, which I quite like for writing, drawing, and reading.
You can do template background layers for lined, grid, planner, forms, etc. and add a number of pen input layers on top.
It can read PDF (and probably a few other formats) and has a Kindle app (which annoyingly doesn’t always do 1-to-1 page numbering, but it’s otherwise useful).


My next BOOX will be one of the color models, definitely. I understand the image PPI in color mode is significantly lower than in B&W mode. Do you find it distracting or fuzzy looking, especialy for comics?

The numbers admittedly don’t sound good, DPI/PPI-wise, but in practice comic images looked good to me on the old Boox, and even better on the new one.

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