Renato Orara's ballpoint art


I like :slight_smile: My friend Brooke also makes some awesome ballpoint illustrations:

I mean, yeah, that’s dope and all, and I understand not wanting to post hi-rez full versions to the internet, but it’d be nice if Orara’d at least post some detail views so we can see the pen-strokes up close. That’s like posting a pontillist painting at 200x200 rez. we wanna see the process, too, pal.

zoomed in view begets this:

Haha I almost thought this was a good 'ol fashioned Watchismo shill. Thank god BB has stopped whoring for them.

here’s a guy that i’ve been following since '04 – juan francisco casas. he draws with only bic pens.

*some of the drawings might be NSFW.

That watch is worthy, though - speedmaster professional.
First watch worn on the moon and still in active production as well. I have one with a serial number that dates it to '74.
It’s one of two watches I would never let go in my small collection.

Not that it’s a competition but Instagram user horikochang is far more amazing imo.

And i wil freely admit my bias because her first drawing is me and my husband.

It’s always nice to see maximum awesome with minimum tools!

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