Rendering realistic nudes (and gore!) on computers before the age of photographic image formats

Anyone remember downloading (sometimes saucy) images as multi-part hex files from usenet?


Sure do. Early on it was easy with a few parts, later, with video and software, I had to rely on newsreaders to grab all the parts. On dial up it could get frustrating when you invest all that time to find one part missing. Nzb was a game changer, haven’t played with usenet in a few years.


Okay, 1985 was a touch early for me, but now I note the incredibly slow development curve between then and, say, 1988 when I spent a couple of hours downloading a T. Lords image from a local BBS, which, by the way, was unaffiliated with any SysOp organization.

Kids! In my day we used punched cards.


Interesting that Mike Saenz did that. A part of his career that I had forgotten. Mostly I remember him for making Shatter, the first comic created on a Mac.

Kinda reminds me of how Joe Shuster made fetish comics after he was fired from making Superman.

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When I was wee little tot my mom would make and sell Christmas wreaths out of punch cards my dad brought home from work. When I was old enough I had or got to staple them together.

I had forgotten about those.


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