Replicant lady finds classic way out of unhappy relationship with owner in "Propagation"


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Neat, I for one welcome our robot overlords


The first minute or so is a Soylent-chugging techbro’s dream.


Just around the corner folks.


Interesting…I watched this thinking it was a short film, with accompanying soundtrack music. Near the end I realized it was a music video. But was I right to change my mind? Or was I right in the first place? Can I remove my faceplate???


Is it weird that I am strangely attracted to this… ‘replicant’? Strange perhaps… bu not weird!


Papasan V1.0 would have never talked like that to us.




What secrets lie behind that hand-painted bit of brick behind the sofa?


You’d better, if you don’t want a nasty accident.


Yet another solid album from Com Truise, IMHO.


Another late night. don’t know if you’re coming home or when. she’s alone again.
But she goes on curating your domestic museum. she disappears in her loyalty.
She is a dress wearing a face in the doorway
~ Vienna Teng, Whatever You Want


c.f. Little Worker (NSFW)


This replicant was designed to be an attractive “perfect housewife” of course you’re attracted.


great video, really well done and nicely disturbing. Shame about the wall paper music. It wasn’t good in the 80s folks, it’s still not good…


Naw, the music is excellent, you should get your hearing checked.




Good catch! Fireplace?


what did you say sonny? :slight_smile:


Nevermind, Gramps.