Replies as new topic so somebody can castigate that cheatin' Felton

Continuing the discussion from Opinion Piece on Controversial Subject:

Somebody other than me, of course. I’m waaay too nonconfrontational.


And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for “Reply as new Topic.”


… You could fix this…

I’m here to castigate Felton for his cheating ways.

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Awaken the townsfolk! They need to know!

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Having another, bolder commenter to hide behind, adds voice to admonishment and castigation. Silently wishes he could be the type to speak out in front of God & everybody, but knows he is destined to be the anonymous hurler of the dirt clod from the back of the mob, the one who looks most pathetically guilty to the cry of “Who threw that?!


Also came for the castigation. Anyone seen it?

No, but there’s a bloodless castigator on the medical shelf over there on the left…

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I’m not turning around while you still have the ether soaked rag in your hand. We’ve been over this before.


The Castigation of Felton by the Coward Donald Petersen?

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I came here tonight to ask if anyone found that other thread was oddly cathartic and find this already going on.

I almost feel BBSed out over it. Like it was enough.

No, no. That thread was just a teaser; this is the real deal.

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Y’all need to go back to the original thread and … check out the last post I made. After Felton.

Awww. I am disappoint that there no post.

… it’s above the last post, a wee addition to a prior post made subsequent to the close and Felton’s cheatin’ cheat.

I think that counts as a score.


Oh, you rascal!

“If you’re trying to post in a closed thread, READ THIS FIRST!”

“BBS user in [YOUR HOME STATE] discovered how you can post in a closed thread!”

“With this one weird trick, you can post in a closed thread! Click here!”


Ha! ha ha ha ha ha!

I feel like Cap’n Kirk after his final exam.


Damn. Now I gotta make yet another thread to castigate yet another cheatin’ sonofagun.

Hell with it. I’ll do it here.

Castigatecastigatecastigate. Castigaaaaaaaate!


♫♪His castigaa-aa-tion is makin’ me waaait!♫♪


There’s cheatin’, and then there’s gaming the system. When they shut that door, I’ll just find another. and another. and another.