Report: Google to introduce Amazon Echo competitor device called 'Google Home'

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How long before we get one of 'em to speak orders to the other, just to see what happens? Will Alexa recognize that Google Home is speaking, and reply “do it yourself, you scion of a broken vacuum tube!” ?


The only way to win the approaching war between humans and robots will be to keep them busily correcting each other.



Google to shut down Google Home service in a few years’ time. You heard it here first.


What’s the motivation for having a corporation listen to every word spoken in your home?

Are we that hungry for better targeted ads?

Are we just happy that somebody is listening?


Thank you for that touch of brilliance!

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I work with Android development at my job and I avoid using Google products as much as possible - sometimes Google docs is a necessity for sharing with a team. But the way that Google makes money is by selling your data, and it’s deeply embedded into their systems to spy on your every move. I really don’t like it and don’t see the value to a listening device over a computer or phone for note taking and ordering things from Amazon.

Both products partially funded by your friends at the NSA, who are collecting “metadata” about your speech habits!

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Not technically true. Google sells you, but keeps the data. They use your data for advertisements, which they sell.

For good or ill, Google keeps your data.

I’m not sure what Amazon’s schtick is, though. I trust them far less than Google.

I’ve ordered a Prime Dot, mostly because I’m curious, and sometimes it’s handy to get information when you phone or tablet is in another room, or deliberately forgotten in the backyard. I’ve pretty much given up on the concept of “privacy”. Everything tracks you constantly, and it is almost impossible the manage privacy without sacrificing a lot of time, effort, and convenience.

Sure, I do the basic steps, but beyond that it’s a losing game. I used to care, deeply, to the point of obsession… But then I realized the war was lost. Google knows everything. The US Government can access anything, and might have without my knowing, or being able to do anything about it. Amazon probably knows near everything already.

Also, I’m a deeply uninteresting person, and not arrogant enough to think that anyone cares enough to actually spy on me.


Isn’t Android fundamentally a Google product?

The wall-mounted UI looks pretty slick anyway.


Correctomundo. Therefore, I do not use their products for my private life since I know how they make their $ and it’s just so embedded into their code to spy on you. Not telling any corporate secrets - it’s all out there on the web for anyone to read about, but I was not aware how it all worked until I worked with Android developers.

Yeah, the NSA told me that about you.


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