Google Home: a $129 speaker that plays advertisements when you ask it for a "daily briefing"


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And I was so close to buying one of these home assistant things, too!

Before this, the idea of buying a device from an advertising company to sit in my living room and listen to my conversations sounded like a great idea.


A television is a 24-hour salesperson working in the home, Episodes of old shows are cut for a lower content:commercials minute ratio. One pays $10-$15 for a movie ticket and suffers through commercials. This wasn’t the case thirty years ago.

I thought entertainment consumers loved ads?


Uh huh. yeah sure. We’ve been to this rodeo before.


It’s 2017 and millions of folks are willingly bugging their own home AND listening to it try to sell them products FOLKS THE FUTURE IS NOW


I finally started watching “Black Mirror.” This reminds me of the dystopian world of the second episode in which citizens were forced to view advertisements unless they paid the requisite number of “merits.”


It’s not an ad because we say it’s not an ad. It’s a promotional intercontent message. Welcome to alternative facts.


this isn’t a rude hand gesture, it’s an alternative wave!


Brace yourself for future episodes, you might be deleting your social media accounts. And WE wouldn’t want that! :slight_smile:


OK Google, please post bad reviews for any product for which you hear an advert.


Google: You know, you’ve only spent 2.43 hours with the children this week, and you don’t have anything scheduled, so if you aren’t a bad parent you’ll take the kids to the movies, specifically Beauty and The Beast at 4pm at east oak mall. I’ve preordered the tickets and alerted the kids, you wouldn’t want to disappoint them by canceling now would you?

Me: Play Digger Digger!


Is that where Trump gets briefed?


Who keeps buying this broken, unnecessary garbage?


I kind of want to blame Iron Man for this rush to household AI. But the reality is, wouldn’t it be cool to have something like Jarvis? That’s not that strange a desire. But everything about how these devices operate requires a level of trust in various institutions that it’s frankly unwise to have, right now. Do you trust the government not to spy on you? Do you trust private companies with data that tracks every aspect of your daily life? Do you trust your finances (in the form of payment cards) to hardware and voice software that no one is allowed to vet?

Our institutions aren’t ready for this technology, even if the technology is ready for us.


Maybe it’s a little ridiculous, but ALL I want is a talking dictionary for reading in bed. I am also paranoid. What to do!!

I know Echo and Home can both do it, but I don’t think I trust either company enough to get a totally closed-source potential eavesdropping device.


"Computer, Earl grey, hot."
Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have a refreshing Romulan ale?
“Data! The fucking Ferengi virus is still in the ship’s computer!”


Google refused to call the Beauty and the Beast reminder an ad, saying this was their engineers playing with new methods of surfacing interesting content in daily briefings.

KellyAnn “alternative facts” Conway would be proud.


To be honest, I would want it to surface movie reminders of films I’m interested in.


If this is the “future” how come I can’t pay somebody to pre-masticate my food?


Have you tried finding someone on Fiverr?