Report: Many older buildings in L.A. could collapse in a big earthquake


I suspect that cross-referencing a list of ‘construction/last major renovation’ dates with a list of building code upgrade times could make for depressing reading.

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sitting in one right now.

Of course an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 would destroy many new and old buildings in LA. I lived in LA for over 40 years, experienced many 6.0 and above quakes and most of the older concrete buildings (those on USC’s campus and downtown LA like the Bradbury Building etc) withstood the shaking and quaking. The LA Times report, perhaps valid, may in fact engender more fear in an area where the residents are used to living through quakes with minor to no damage.

How about when a big earthquake hits NYC or Chicago?

“Expect > 6.0 once every ~670 years”


Quake damage seems to flow like water in a way. It doesn’t effect every area equally or even in an obviously sensible way like in a radius around the epicenter. I suppose the waves are bouncing around underground depending on local densities and the like. Major area of damage can occur far from the center and can go through an area similar to a wild fire where some trees are burnt and other areas not. A building surviving an earthquake means nothing really. It may have been lucky so far.

When I worked for a while in a skyscraper in the financial district of downtown L.A., I was surprised that our emergency procedures both in the office and in my hotel were to evacuate to a “sanctuary floor”, and then, if necessary, to the roof.

I always assumed that, upon emerging onto the roof, I would find a giant trebuchet prepared to hurl me gently into the sea.

I’l thank you not to mock our pain.


I think that was the one I felt in southwestern Ontario. Really freaky when you’ve never experienced an earthquake before.

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WHEN not If…

It’s really freaky EVERY DAMN TIME !

I’m apparently oblivious… I didn’t notice it myself, and I’ve been in other mild tremors in California without being aware of it.

BB had just posted an article linking fracking to earthquakes like the day before that one occurred, and since the WV/KY border is full of gas taps it’s the first thing I thought of.

I didn’t feel that one. I felt the one where the chair fell over. It was really widespread as I recall and a different kind of earthquake. The kind where the ground is springing back up because the glaciers retreated.

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