Report: Sausage Party animators threatened if they didn't work free overtime


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Oh, a movie, not one of those singles resorts.


That bun…reminds me of something…


Over 30 animators left during the coarse of the production due to the stress and expectations.

What a fine state of affairs that turned out to be!




In capitalist America, film animates you.


yeah that Canadian company sure is America.


That would really suck


Dude, that’s rough


I wonder if there’s an animator’s guild. The SAG and the writer’s guild seem to have some real oomph behind them in the industry. At least this is my impression. I’m sure @Donald_Petersen could correct me if I’m wrong.


A company can dream.


Forced unpaid overtime - welcome to the wonderful world of software development. Hell, welcome to ANY facet of modern American business, where the job market is artificially restricted by the corporate fatcats so they can force wage degradation to increase their profit margins and guarantee their personal stock options remain strong.


No names are named

Another day in paradise!


Beats Korea…


I heard somewhere that Trudeau is cracking down on such things here in Canada


Yeah well Canadia is commanist. So then my joke wouldnt hav’e worked. USA USA USA


There are some N. Korean feature films and animated shorts on this channel (mixed in between the propaganda). I don’t always smoke weed, but when I do I watch videos on the DPRK YouTube channel. It’s a pretty great mindfuck.


Workers have been winning suits over wage theft, but not often enough. Go the animators!



Oh, wait…


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