Report: U.S. Dept. of Transportation and Justice Department investigating FAA over Boeing 737 MAX


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Its getting ugly:

As Boeing hustled in 2015 to catch up to Airbus and certify its new 737 MAX, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) managers pushed the agency’s safety engineers to delegate safety assessments to Boeing itself, and to speedily approve the resulting analysis.

But the original safety analysis that Boeing delivered to the FAA for a new flight control system on the MAX — a report used to certify the plane as safe to fly — had several crucial flaws.


Safety first my ass. More like cut corners to catch up with our competitors and let hundreds of people die. I just hope individuals who pushed for an unsafe timeline are held personally accountable. If only Boeing as a whole is penalized (and I hope they are too), then the next time upper management and the C-suite will do the same thing all over again because they reap the short-term rewards of jeopardizing lives.


Two words: Regulatory Capture


This is an industry with a long history of safety issues and regulators who look the other way. I no longer expect accountability or meaningful, lasting changes in how they operate (especially under the current administration):


Crooked Donnie’s dream come true: The guilty investigated by their own people so some sort of white wash is possible.
The Ethiopian Air crash was a direct result of the FAA abrogating their responsibilities by over-reliance on Boeing (which, to be honest, has some incentive to fix the problem, but maybe not rush it) exacerbated by the delay from Trump’s insane, irresponsible, unjustifiable shutdown.
Not much left for Justice and DOT to investigate, actually.


Ignoring entirely the moral aspects of the whole thing, and the human cost, if I were a Boeing shareholder, I’d be incredibly pissed off at the Boeing management right now.

In pursuit of a short-term advantage, they have put the company at the risk of a massive hit to reputation, with all that implies for future plane orders; have opened Boeing to the possibility of enormous punitive damages; and quite likely will cause considerable extra costs when the 737 MAXes are re-engineered, recalled and fixed.

In this case (as often happens), the moral corruption is also very bad for the business.


Selling weapons, aircraft and more to Saudi Arabia and other questionable regimes currently at war, building command and control centers for S.A. and Qatar to help them spy on their citizens, etc.

Boeing has already been short on morals.

Yep. Now being leveraged by the Chinese in trump’s bullshit trade war.


As always: if a corporation can make $100 while harming nobody, and $101 while killing a hundred people, then a hundred people are going to die.

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